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TP Prince of Fame
5-year old Gelding Views (89)
Spot Me Sugar
14-year old Mare Views (117)
Triple Go Anaqua
14-year old Gelding Views (189)
TBR Royal Perks
10-year old Mare Views (133)
Dualin Stars
8-year old Mare Views (208)
KN Perksofbeingfab
3-year old Gelding Views (44)
3-year old Gelding Views (61)
Quiet Whim
7-year old Gelding Views (75)
Fiasco at holme
3-year old Gelding Views (63)
Chicks Dash Easy
16-year old Stallion Views (2782)
Pepto Fame
3-year old Views (171)
--Not Given--
3-year old Gelding Views (279)
Bang Boom Smoke
3-year old Gelding Views (22)
Pines Icy Tabu
8-year old Mare Views (191)
Knockin See
3-year old Mare Views (13)
4-year old Gelding Views (95)
Marks Chex Hobby
6-year old Mare Views (64)
Black Clusion Bar
10-year old Mare Views (206)
JB Proud N Famous the PROUDEST son of Dash Ta Fame
11-year old Stallion Views (2010)
Mia Frenchman
2-year old Mare Views (32)
Lucks Nancy Star
14-year old Mare Views (62)
Just Fire
5-year old Stallion Views (867)
VF Fast N Famous
2-year old Mare Views (222)
Carrie On Ta Fame
3-year old Gelding Views (36)
7-year old Gelding Views (77)
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