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Danyelle Campbell

Barrel Talk Radio dinner

Top Trainers Take Questions from YOU

An appreciation dinner in Oklahoma City for some of our top trainers. A casual and entertaining podcast that will get you down the road . . . . laughing. It’s a first.

Danyelle Campbell at Barrel Talk Radio

Lindsay Sears on the Danyelle Campbell Podcast.

A one-on-one insight into the life of World Champion, Lindsay Sears. Another great listen with host Danyelle Campbell from this years 2022 BFA.

Danyelle Campbell at Barrel Talk Radio

Kassie Mowry is Danyelle Campbell’s guest exclusively on Barrel Talk Radio.

Kassie Mowry earns $1 million in one year. Danyelle Campbell brings Kassie Mowry and Michael Boone to the microphone for an insight into their unique program and winning formula.

Barrel Talk Radio

Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi talks with both Danyelle Campbell and Cassidy Teague

16 NFR qualifications in 20 years and why she missed 4. Don’t miss this podcast if you need the inside lane on what it takes to be a true road warrior, bringing your best to every rodeo.

Danyelle Campbell at Barrel Talk Radio

Danyelle Campbell with her guest Lance Powers at 2022 BFA

Lance gave up baseball for barrel racing. Now managing one of the top barrel sales of the year, he shares what it takes to hit a home run with horses.