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Craig Brooks joins host Cassidy Teague at the BFA

Tough it out with Craig Brooks. Craig gives us inside tips for success as a trainer.

Barrel Talk Radio

Hallie and Lee Hanssen with Host Cassidy Teague

“Traits of a winner” with Hallie Melvin Hanssen and Lee Hanssen. An interview into the life of this successful barrel racing team.

Danyelle Campbell at Barrel Talk Radio

Danyelle Campbell with her guest Lance Powers at 2022 BFA

Lance gave up baseball for barrel racing. Now managing one of the top barrel sales of the year, he shares what it takes to hit a home run with horses.

Barrel Talk Radio

Andrea Busby is our guest for host Cassidy Teague during the recent Pink Buckle

Busby Quarter Horses defines success in terms of not only great horses and championships, but in their fun approach to a stressful business. Andrea tells us how she keeps it all balanced, with charm and a sense of humor.

Barrel Talk Radio

Cassidy Teague sits down with Cheyenne Wimberley at this years Pink Buckle

Cheyenne gives us a surprising response when asked about her 16th place finish for the race to the NFR. You’ll find encouragement and admiration for Cheyenne in this Pink Buckle episode of Barrel Talk Radio.

Barrel Talk Radio

Cassidy Teague Interviews Danyelle Campbell at the Pink Buckle

Always entertaining, Danyelle is the special guest of Cassidy Teague as they go behind the scenes to talk about the barrel racing world at this years Pink Buckle in Guthrie, OK.

Barrel Talk Radio

Cassidy Teague hosts guests Bill & Deb Myers – Part 2

Cassidy Teague just competed the second of a two part podcast series with Bill & Deb Myers about their breeding program and how the industry is changing.  Terrific history here, and need to know information if you are just now getting into the breeding business.

Cassidy Teague Interviews Bill & Deb Myers

Cassidy Teague hosts guests Bill & Deb Myers – Part 1

Cassidy Teague continues her “Building a Breeding Business” podcast series with guests Bill & Deb Myers.  Stories and facts surrounding Frenchman’s Guy and his journey to fame and the cost to get there.  Don’t miss this one!

Barrel Talk Radio

Sharin Hall with guest Hailey Kinsel after the 2021 NFR.

Sharin Hall talks with 3-time world champion Hailey Kinsel about her chase for a 4th title at the recent NFR and her plans for 2022.