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BFA World Finals

Michelle Darling and Lauren Whitmire at 2023 BFA

Michelle Darling and Lauren Whitmire at 2023 BFA

A 3 year old runs less than a second off the $100,000 Superstakes BFA winner after being found sick at a kill pen. Meet her owner.

Michelle Darling and Myah Oller

Michelle Darling And Myah Oller at 2023 BFA

15 year old Myah Oller from Kansas makes the short go at BFA 2023 with her 4 year old. A former gymnast, Myah evolves from balance beam to barrels in 36 months.

Heidi Gunderson at Barrel Talk Radio

Meet Heidi Gunderson – A really cool gal from a really cold state.

Super trainer Heidi Gunderson gives us some insight into her training and the challenges of a year round program in Minnesota.


Danyelle Campbell at Barrel Talk Radio

Lindsay Sears on the Danyelle Campbell Podcast.

A one-on-one insight into the life of World Champion, Lindsay Sears. Another great listen with host Danyelle Campbell from this years 2022 BFA.