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 4/20/2013  $100 Added each race Waldron Saddle Series

Waldron, AR

Sanction   BBR
Description 5 Race Saddle Series 4D 1/2, 1/2, whole splits $25 entry fee ~ 75% payback. Saddle Nomination fee $25. OVERALL HIGHPOINT WINNER of the series will win a trophy Corriente barrel saddle. Please Note: **If there are not enough Nominations to warrant paying for the saddle after the 2nd race then all nomination fees will be refunded. Overall winner in each D at the end of the series wins a trophy buckle. Youth Class ~ Ages 15 & under. $15 EF ~ 75% payback. 3-D whole second splits. Winner in each D at end of series will win a trophy. Other prizes awared thru 4th place in each D at end of series for Open & thru 3rd place in Youth. A NO TIME will be given in Open class if a barrel is knocked over. A 5 second penalty will be given for each knocked over barrel in youth class. Points awarded to top 10 for each d in the race. If you fall below the top 10 you will receive 1 point for that race for participation. Points will go to the horse. Prizes awarded based on cummulative points at the end of the 5 race series. D winners in the open @ end of series will win a new trophy buckle. Dress Code: Jeans & Boots must be worn. Long sleeves and hat are NOT required. ...Exhibitions $4 each or $10 for 3. Exhibitions will start @ 2:00 & Race will follow. Questions, call/txt Jennifer 479-227-9046 or Hala 479-227-0380 If you break your pattern do NOT circle the barrels. You may continue your pattern from where you left off, but you may NOT circle the barrels. Also, we ask that you keep exhibitions to 60 seconds or less if at all possible. Lastly, if YOU sign up to compete you must be the one to compete unless there is an emergency, in which case someone of your choosing may ride your horse in your place. Substitutions must be okayed through producer(s) before your run. No exceptions.* Must compete in at least 3 races to qualify for awards. 
Contact Jennifer or Hala 
Address Ragsdale Arena
Waldron, AR
Phone 479-227-9046 
Cell Phone 479-227-0380 
Web Site
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