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Be Real Quick

Me Screamin Mimi




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This gelding is super sweet and as honest as they come. He tries hard and still has lots of room for improvement. Pretty consistent in the 2D/3D but has even ran in the 1D with relatively limited hauling.

Please read FAQs before sending me an email so we aren’t wasting each others time if he isn’t something you are serious about purchasing.


Why are you selling: lack of time for me to ride, need something smaller for my son.

Is he a free runner or push style: I think he’s somewhere in the middle, not so short you can’t get him by but also looks for the barrels. Watch the videos for your own assessment.

Is there potential for him to be a 1D horse: in my opinion, yes. He has been in the 1D and has more to give.

Why does he run to the left: I like to go left and he felt just a little better on the right side to me so I wanted to have two turns in his best direction.

How does he ride around warming up or exercising at home: he is very comfortable to ride, has a smooth lope and feels nice and soft. He is broke in the face and will stop, turn around, back up, move off your leg, flex, and pick up leads. Does not get bothered by other horses in the warm up pen and does not bite, kick, or otherwise mess with them.

How is he to haul: easy. He is slow moving and safe in and out of the trailer. Stands tied to the trailer, does not destroy the side of your trailer. Doesn’t buddy up. Eats and drinks and doesn’t get nervous staying in new places overnight.

How long have you had him: a year and a half.

What did he do before you had him: he came off the track where he had a $60,000 career.

Can you trail ride on him: I don’t know, I’m not a trail rider and have never rode him on a trail.

What does he eat: Free feed grass hay and alfalfa at night with a scoop of sweet feed.

What size shoe does he wear: 0

Is he sound: Yes, he will get tenderfooted without shoes so he needs to stay shod.

What kind of bit does he run in: a chain gag is what I usually ride him in but he’s not picky.

Do you have a current heath cert and coggins: I believe I have a coggins but not a heath certificate.

Does he get hot at the gate: If you pick up a whip or encourage him to get jazzed up he will prance in the ally. Otherwise he will walk in flat footed.

How is his temper: I would describe him as sweet natured mostly and pretty relaxed.

Is he spooky: No. he doesn’t like to have a rope swung on him so he will let you know that he’s uncomfortable with it but will put up with it if you make him.

Would he be ok with a kid: depends on the kid, watch the video and see if you think your kid would be compatible.

Does he run poles: no

Where are you located: Amarillo, Texas

Will you meet me in a different city so I can try him: no, you are welcome to come to Amarillo to try him.

Does he have any quirks: he is slow and lazy on the ground. You have to drag him through gates and he’s just altogether pretty lazy which can be a pain when you’re in a hurry. He is the boss of all the other horses turned out and can be aggressive toward them when it’s time to eat. No, he is not a cribber. No, he does not buck. No, he does not pull back. No, he is not a weaver. No, he is not hard to catch. No, he is not snorty or ‘watchy’ on the ground. No, he is not bad to shoe. No, he does not go off feed and water when hauled. No, he is not bad to load or haul. No, he does not bite or kick.

Do I have more videos: all the videos I have are posted here

Will you take more videos: I have a baby and a full time job, it is difficult for both my husband and I to get outside in the winter, in the evening after work to take videos. Please don’t ask for a video of him trotting around if you don’t have money in your hand and are ready to come pick him up. He trots fine.

I have tried to cover everything here so I’m not answering hundreds of emails about him. If you are interested in this horse please call me and I’d be more than glad to visit with you about him. (806) 683-8693
  • Horses 5 years and older
  • Extended pedigree

    Sire's Sire:
    Royal Quick Dash
    Sire's sire's sire:
    First Down Dash
    Sire's sire's dam:
    Harems Choice
    Sire's dam:
    Be Real Now
    Sire's dam's sire:
    The Signature
    Sire's dam's dam:
    Now Really
    Dam's sire:
    Mega Force
    Dam's sire's sire:
    Truckle Feature
    Dam's sire's dam:
    Savannah Jet
    Dam's dam:
    Fleet Floozie
    Dam's dam's sire:
    Fleet Kirsh
    Dam's dam:
    Scoop A’Sugar
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