HOMOZYGOUS ApHC . Guaranteed Color (Silverado Rein)

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Registered Name: HOMOZYGOUS ApHC . Guaranteed Color (Silverado Rein) Fee:  850wFREE.Coll.
Sire: Bobbi's Rein ApHC Dam: Bandidos Destiny ApHC
Sex: Stallion Age: 14
Contact: Bedonna Dismore Location: OK
Phone:  580-471-4040 Email: BedonnasStallionStation@hotmail.com
   SILVERADO REIN is a Future Fortunes Barrel stallion. He is also in the Oklahoma Bred Race Program. He is a Foundation, Speed, & Performance bred Appaloosa with AQHA blood going back to Poco Bueno, Go Man Go, Three Chicks, and more. He is a BLACK, Few Spot, Homozygous Appaloosa. He stands 15.1 hands, and he is SUPER gentle and kind, with great feet and legs, and a thick, long, thick pretty mane and tail. ****** This stallion Sires 100% Appaloosa Foals! 'Silverado' is HOMOZYGOUS for the LP/Leopard pattern gene, and ALL his foals will inherit an Appaloosa Pattern ( LP)gene. Plus, he is HOMOZYGOUS for the Black Base, and all foals will have a dark base (No Reds!). He is a true Black too, with Agouti genes: aa. Genotype: EEaaLPLP. PATN1/PATN1, 5Panel N/N. ALL the foals pictured are Sired by SILVERADO REIN and out of AQHA mares! ******* His foals are amazing and most are Loud colored, and most are out of AQHA mares. They have pretty heads, good bone and feet, deep hips, low hocks, and thick long manes and tails, and Extremely FAST! He has now sired several 1D and 2D Barrel Horses, Roping Futurity Champion, and many Open Barrel horses... ****** All breeds of mares and larger pony mares accepted to this stallion. His Foals can be registered with either ApHC, POAC, or IQPA. ******* UPDATE: Cooled Shipped Semen available and his semen is Fantastic! and cools very well. On-Farm breeding (A.I.) or Quality Cooled Shipped Semen offered for this stallion to any mare in the continuous USA states or Alaska. FIRST Collection FREE. Actual FedEx Fees apply. ALSO Standing other ApHC, AQHA, and APHC stallions. Call 580-471-4040, or visit website- www.bedonna.com for more information.