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Kinesthetic Learners

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Kinesthetic learners learn best by doing hands-on activities. These learners are also known as tactile learners. These graduate paper writing service learners require diverse teaching models to be successful. Understanding fully how kinesthetic learners learn best will make a huge impact on their academic success.

What are the Characteristics of Kinesthetic Learners?
Kinesthetic learners tend to move around a lot. They have difficulty sitting still and are often considered as "hyperactive" but this is not often the case. They are coordinated and agile, they move their hands while talking and they enjoy touching things. Kinesthetic learners are often described as adventurous.

What Do Kinesthetic Learners Excel In?
Kinesthetic learners do well when using their hands. They have a strong sense of timing and body movement, therefore, these learners often excel in athletics and performing arts. They also do extremely well with activities such as sculpting, drawing designs, cooking, construction, engineering, mechanics and using appliances and tools.

What are Some Learning Strategies That Parents Can Implement to Support These Learners?
Kinesthetic learners need to study in an environment with lots of hands-on materials. They work best with post-it notes, math manipulatives, highlighters, white boards and other learning tools. They benefit from listening to music while doing homework or studying. They also focus best when chewing gum while studying or doing homework. They need to move around a lot when doing work therefore they may begin homework in one area and need to move to the floor or stand up to complete the rest of their work.

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