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$300/mo. and guarantee a minimum of 2,500 impressions per day

$100 Charge for one month banner ads for creation and setup.

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Bulletin Board Banner - Inside of the Barrel Talk Forum (450 x 50 px)

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Home Page Advertising for Barrel Racing Producers

Barrel Event Producers Package   2019

BHW Barrel Racing Premier Producers (Banner on home page)    $300/mo. or $750 for three months
Looking for a way to advertise your big event and get entries?  The BHW Event Package delivers it all with a home page banner, listing in our events online and iphone database, and two email pushes to over 20,000 registered users.  You also get access to updating your race on our bulletin board, "Barrel Talk".


Barrel Horse World will also be setting up and training camera crews regionally who can offer you video services at your future events.  If you have questions please feel free to call:

For unlimited events and 12 months of homepage banner advertising:  $2,500/year


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The Busiest Barrel Horse Site on the Internet

Monthly Totals (2018)

Who is Barrel Horse World?

The largest and busiest horse site on the internet. Over 50,000 visits per day, 60 million hits per month. Average time on site is over 11 minutes per day.  According to, Barrel Horse World is ranked 44,708 in the U.S.

Compare other popular horse sites:
Site Visits Rank in US Daily Time on site
Trailer Ads Horse Ads
Barrel Horse
50,000 per
44,700 11 min. 46 sec. 10,301 1,398
Barrel Horse
Too low
to report
310,000 2 min. 16 sec. 3 21
20,000 per
365,300 3 min. 4 sec. 2 19
Horse 177,000 1 min. 28 sec. 3 21

Horse Ads

Barrel Horse Ad                                                $20 for two months
Barrel Horse Wanted Ad                                  $20 for two months
Featured Barrel Horse on the Home Page.   $Varies by days  selected
Pedigree Listing (option on horse ad)                         No charge
   Four Pictures (option on horse ad)                             No charge
   Video   (option on horse ad)                                      No charge

Mail-in ads are available for an additional $30.  
Mail-in video conversions are $10.  No return of tape.

Saddles, Tack, Pets & Property

Tack Ad                                      


Dog Ad                                                             
Real Estate Ad                                                

$25 for 1 month - personal ad 
$50 for 1 month - retail ad

$30 for two months

$30 for two months

$25 for two months


Stallion Listing                                                  $150 per year


One Page Trainer Profile                                      $150 per year
(you can edit yourself)
Five Page Trainer Website                                  $500 set up fee
(Annual Hosting)                                                         $100


Events Listing                                             No Charge 

Do it yourself or Contact our Events Coordinator

Horse Trailers


Custom Websites Built for you.         

Call for quote  866-850-2176

Or Contact:

Office:  913-782-6228


  • Owners, riders, trainers and spectators

  • 75% are female

  • Median Age is 38

  • Average Household Income of $58,666.00

  • In 2004, barrel racers spent $71 million on horse related purchases

  • Owns 2.8 horses

  • Owns 2.3 dogs

  • Owns 3.8 cats

  • 29% own 4 saddles

  • 35% own more than 4 pair of boots


  • Barrel racers spent $36 million on trucks in 2004

  • Barrel racers spent $12 million on trailers in 2004

  • Barrel racers hit the road in rigs totaling $48 million last year

  • 51% buy western clothes over 7 times per year

  • 70% will buy 4 new tires in the next year

  • 75% will buy western jewelry more than once per year

  • 80% will buy western decorations more than once a year


  • 33% of barrel racers plan to spend money on barns next year

  • 15% of barrel racers plan to spend money on tractors and farm equipment next year

  • 47% of barrel racers plan to spend money on farm and Ranch Fixtures in the next year

  • 33% will buy a new truck in the next year

  • 50% will buy a new truck in the next 2 years

  • 59 % plan to purchase a new horse this year


  • Barrel racers spent $18 million in 2004 in Goods and Services

  • Barrel racers spent $1 million in 2004 on Horse Insurance Premiums

  • 52% carry equine mortality or major medical insurance

  • Barrel racers spent more than $11 million on Horse Feed, Horse

  • Grooming products, Medicines and Insecticides in 2004

  • Barrel racers spent more than $2 million on Saddles and Tack in 2004


  • Barrel racers spent $2 million on mail order purchases in 2004

  • 61% of barrel racers purchased Vitamins, Supplements & Wormers

  • By mail or e-commerce in 2004

  • 56% of barrel racers purchased Saddles and Tack by mail or e-commerce

  • 26% of barrel racers purchased books by mail in 2004

  • 19% of barrel racers purchased Video tapes by mail in 2004

  • 28% of barrel racers purchase Grooming Products by mail or e-commerce in 2004

  • 53% of barrel racers purchased Western Apparel by mail or e-commerce in 2004

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