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9/19/2018 7:15:51 AM
  It is real handy to be able to show my horse and describe it so that it eliminates a lot of calls or emails from people just fishing or wishing. The add was presented like I intended. It is a big bonus to get the information and pictures out there so that folks can fine tune what they are looking for. The people that want to leave you hanging or waste your time will always be there but your site cut out a lot of that and gets the barrel horse out where it needs to be, running barrels.
9/16/2018 5:12:50 PM
  I had about 5 peope contact me from here. However the buyer came from my post that was shared on Facebook.
9/15/2018 8:26:03 PM
  Buyer did not come from BHW. A couple of calls from the ad.
9/4/2018 1:15:32 PM
  I sold my horse in the first day it was listed using BHW and had a lot of calls and emails. Thank you very much.
9/3/2018 10:44:56 AM
  Not many calls or emails but the ones received were serious buyers!
8/30/2018 5:51:13 AM
  No I sold him at a sale and sadly I only got 1 email with interest in this Horse.
8/26/2018 4:37:06 PM
  The buyer came from your site, and even though I did not get tons of emails or calls, the ones I got were serious buyers! I have not had that experience when listing horses on Facebook sites only! Lots of ďtire kickers!Ē
8/21/2018 5:10:52 AM
  The buyer did reach out to me from this site. I was greatly pleased with the amount of calls and emails that we received. My daughters horse found an amazing home!!
8/18/2018 3:18:15 PM
  Sadly I did not get any calls and zero interest in my filly from this website like I thought I would. Sold her using a different site.
8/17/2018 10:33:58 AM
  Hey yall! Another horse sold off BHW with a lot of contacts.
8/17/2018 4:17:08 AM
  Buyer did come from this site. Lots of hits on the ad but a handful of inquiries. We are located in Virginia so I think that cuts down on serious buyers since it seems the highest viewership comes from west of the Mississippi. Still a great site to advertise barrel bred/race bred horses.
8/16/2018 12:18:09 PM
  I really enjoy using this website for selling my horses. i get lots of calls and emails. i will most definitely be back to advertise my horses on here. thanks
8/14/2018 11:56:28 AM
  Thanks! Yes I got a lot of emails/ text unfortunately they were mostly tire kickers. I ended up selling her on FB.
8/11/2018 8:46:00 AM
  I got a couple calls but he didn't sell through your site
8/6/2018 7:23:52 AM
  Sold horse through a friend, but I did get a few calls/ emails about him from barrel horse world! I feel I get more serious buyers from barrel horse world rather than facebook or any other sights
7/27/2018 12:32:49 PM
  Horse did not sell from this site. I had two emails from the site. I have had good luck on here before but not with this horse. I wish I could have posted less pictures and MORE videos.
7/26/2018 6:22:44 PM
  The sale came from the ad. There were three messages resulting from the ad.
7/26/2018 10:09:19 AM
  My first time listing on this site and I am very happy with the response I received for my filly. We sold her here the fastest than Iíve ever sold a horse anywhere else. Great site with great horses available makes everything come together! I love that this site reaches all areas.
7/25/2018 5:36:05 PM
  I received many phone calls and text. My horse sold from the BHW ad. Thanks BHW!
7/12/2018 6:55:38 PM
  sold the colt from listing on ur site. Thx
7/12/2018 5:55:10 PM
  Buyer came from this site.
7/11/2018 6:58:43 AM
  Also sold through facebook
7/11/2018 6:58:13 AM
  Horse sold via facebook
7/6/2018 7:43:53 PM
  One of my Facebook friends saw her for sale on BHW and bought her.
7/6/2018 2:25:07 PM
  Thank you for making the whole process easy. I had 4 emails and 3 texts from potential buyers. The person that bought my Gelding lives nearby but saw my ad on Barrelhorseworld. We responded through email then Messenger and set a date to meet. She tried him at my home and then at an arena of her choice and bought him that same day. Your website makes it easy on buyers and sellers. Thank you, from a very pleased barrel horse owner!
7/5/2018 1:42:08 PM
  Thank you Barrel Horse World, I listed my horse and added the "Feature," option. He sold in ten days.
6/26/2018 11:35:58 AM
  Yes buyer came from the site. Only got a few calls maybe 3
6/22/2018 8:29:21 AM
  Hello, the buyer did not come from this site, but I did get a lot of interest from Barrel Horse World and will definitely continue to advertise here.
6/18/2018 8:16:59 AM
  The Seller did not come from this site. I was a lady who had saw her run at other events and saw her on Facebook
6/16/2018 12:46:43 PM
  No buyer did not come from website, only had 2 people email me from ad and they never turned into anything
6/15/2018 6:12:13 AM
  Sold my horse the next day. Yes she found him on the sight. I received a couple other calls.
6/11/2018 6:16:33 PM
  No the buyer did not come from the ad. Never any responses
6/11/2018 3:32:55 PM
  No, horse did not sell from your site. No, not a lot of contacts-2 to be exact
5/26/2018 7:23:01 PM
  We have sold two horses now through this site. Very pleased
5/25/2018 4:02:44 PM
  Buyer came from your site and the horse was paid for 2 days after listing.
5/19/2018 8:13:22 PM
  Thanks for the site but this time it did not sell my horse but have had good luck on BHW in the past
5/19/2018 8:14:23 AM
  The buyer came from this site. I got quite a few. After I shared her ad on Facebook. Iíve sold other horses with BHW and always had success!
5/11/2018 4:49:16 AM
  No it didnt. I have not got a lot of emails.
5/8/2018 5:48:51 PM
  I got a few emails, but not that many. The buyer didn't come from BHW
5/4/2018 1:31:55 PM
  Thank you Barrel Horse World for reaching a buyer for my barrel horse. I received numerous calls and texts from this site and she was purchased by the first person that came to try her. Thank you again!!
5/1/2018 6:21:10 PM
  I got a few calls from barrel horse world but horse sold from my personal page on Facebook.
4/29/2018 4:50:03 PM
  Thank you so much!!! You guys helped me sell him!!! Great sight!!!
4/28/2018 9:59:21 PM
  BHW was the only place that I posted my horse for sale on and I received less than 10 inquiries. However, she was sold. I do feel that I had her priced low for for the way she was bred.
4/27/2018 7:18:14 AM
  Our horse sold less that 24 hours from being listed and it sold to the 1st caller.. Thanks for having such a great website to advertise on...
4/24/2018 6:55:56 PM
  Yes buyer came from seeing her on your site. I did get a lot of inquiries from your site, both through text messaging, phone calls and also emails. I would definitely use your site again and highly recommend it!
4/22/2018 8:27:27 AM
  My horse sold within a week. I had many responses from this site and I sold to someone who found horse here. I will definitely list horse here again.
4/19/2018 10:34:30 PM
  I didnít get any emails or calls, sale did not come from the site.
4/12/2018 10:03:24 AM
  Only one buyer, but thats all it takes, they can along way to get her..
4/11/2018 4:47:25 AM
  The buyer came from Facebook and I only had one call from this webpage where as Facebook I had around 25 calls. I was disappointed in the amount of traction from this webpage on this Horse. No emails either.
4/10/2018 5:18:43 PM
  I received one email from this listing. The person who bought her did not come from this add.

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