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9/28/2023 5:13:03 AM
  My horse was sold in less than a week because of this ad and to a very great home!
9/17/2023 1:39:00 PM
  The buyer messaged me from barrel horse world and they drove 10 hours to come try her. I got 2 calls and 2 emails plus a local person and the first one that came and tried her bought her. It was a quick sale thank you!!
9/15/2023 11:45:46 PM
  Horse sold from a Facebook post, received very little interest from here.
9/15/2023 9:14:55 AM
  Horse sold from a Facebook post, received very little interest from here.
9/13/2023 8:44:00 AM
  Buyer came from Facebook. Only 3 emails and no phone calls.
9/11/2023 8:44:23 AM
  Lots of looks. Not many calls or emails but it only took one. Yes person saw his ad
9/10/2023 11:48:38 AM
  Buyer came from this ad and first person that called on my horse brought her
9/10/2023 10:13:16 AM
  Did not sell decided to keep just didn't know how to remove add
9/5/2023 11:52:34 AM
  I actually didn't get a single hit off my premium ad. I sold my horse via word of mouth from gals I race with.
8/23/2023 10:16:02 AM
  Buyer didn't come from the site, had two people of interest and then a very ugly txt message that was sexual so I am hoping it was a scam.
7/24/2023 10:52:28 AM
  Buyer came from this site. Ample traffic from ad. Have found that I get more serious buyers actually looking to buy when contacted by traffic on BHW compared to social media marketing.
7/12/2023 6:35:55 AM
  Yes. Came from this site, but only had 4 calls. Thank you!
7/12/2023 6:30:33 AM
  The buyer did not come from your website, nor did I get any emails off of your website
7/10/2023 8:40:13 PM
  Yes. Came from this site, but only had 4 calls. Thank you!
7/7/2023 10:09:53 AM
  I was shocked that I received no inquiries from barrel horse world for this listing. The ad appeared to have lots of views, but I was not contacted.
7/1/2023 3:09:29 PM
  Way to many texts but still a great way to sell a horse…if you have serious buyer not wasting time on ridiculous questions
6/16/2023 9:53:44 AM
  Buyer did not come from this site, I had no bites coming from this site.
6/15/2023 11:01:38 AM
  Yes, buyer was from this ad. Most of the contact was via Text Messaging to my cell phone, even the buyer.
5/28/2023 9:49:32 AM
  Yes the buyer came from this site. I like this site as you actually have valid buyers contact you instead of tire kickers looking for a good deal like on Facebook. I received mostly texts from people on this site and they were people truly interested in my horse for sale.
5/24/2023 8:11:06 PM
  Yes. Rose was sold because of BHW. I got several messages and calls about her. I will be listing another horse with BHW soon.
5/4/2023 4:45:45 PM
  I only received one inquiry from my ad even given the premium ad placement upgrade. I sold in a Facebook group. But I liked that I could post all of the information in one place with photos and videos and just share the link to the ad. So although I didn't see on here, it was worth the cost to place an ad on BHW. Thank you. :)
5/4/2023 12:22:16 PM
  Sold her through this site. Had alot more contacts from this site than others. I like that it's a little cheaper and I can edit without any extra charge. Easy to find specifications on what people are looking for.
5/4/2023 2:18:55 AM
4/20/2023 1:21:21 PM
  Buyer did not come from this site. Got 1 call and no emails.
4/20/2023 12:06:14 PM
  I love this site. My horse had over 2,000 views. I received several calls from serious buyers and sold my horse in a month. This is the fourth horse I have sold on this site.
3/23/2023 11:51:55 AM
  The sale did not come from this particular add - lots of emails. Unfortunately over half of them were obvious scammers and some were aggressive and harassing.
3/3/2023 11:47:07 AM
  Buyer did not come from this site but I did get alot of calls from people coming from the site.
2/25/2023 4:26:05 PM
  Yes the buyer came from the site and it was a fast and easy process. He was posted for one day and the buyer came out and purchased the following day. I will continue to sell my horses through BHW! I had an overload of text messages and calls.
2/25/2023 4:08:53 PM
  Buyer did not come from this site but I did get alot of calls from people coming from the site.
2/22/2023 11:28:15 AM
  Buyer came from the site. I always get a lot of interest from this website and will continue to keep using it.
2/9/2023 7:45:21 AM
  Buyer came from a Facebook post. We got one or two inquiries from BHW, nothing serious.
2/8/2023 12:51:27 PM
  My horse sold within a couple days.
2/1/2023 7:48:58 PM
  Yes the buyer found her on this site. I had 2 scam text and 1 scam email. The first legit text I got bought the horse.
1/31/2023 11:53:16 AM
  Easy to work with. Quick reaults
1/28/2023 9:19:20 AM
  We have always used Barrelhorseworld to sell. I do recommend this site BUT be careful with the scammers.
1/7/2023 9:01:47 PM
  Not sold from this site. I only got a few emails from here
12/20/2022 6:23:54 AM
  Miss Tampa’s new owner did find her on this site. I had a lot of inquiries from listing her on this site. I have always went to BHW for horses and I consider it the main go to place to look! I absolutely LOVED the feature on the front page! That was the best feature. I’m really glad you guys offered that. It was very easy to set up an ad; for this was my first time ever setting up a BHW ad. All of the inquires I had were from BHW! Lots of 10+ hour away interested people wanting to know more and we’re serious inquiries! Thank you for the easy ad’s and the website!
11/27/2022 6:34:31 PM
  The buyer did see my mare through this add. I did have multiple with interest.
11/21/2022 11:46:49 AM
  I got a lot of calls/texts on him. He sold to a person who bought a horse from us previously. They did look here and dream horse to see him posted though.
11/20/2022 8:09:23 PM
  Love the links with facebook.
11/20/2022 9:28:28 AM
  The website was easy to use, cost effective, and helped produce a lot of interest in the horse including the buyer. We did not use any other method of advertising as Barrel Horse World has always sold our horses for us. Thank you!
11/14/2022 8:09:00 AM
  Hi! I would definitely recommend advertising on Barrel Horse World; it is seen all over the US; I had calls and inquiries regarding my listing from all over. Its definitely the spot to advertise if you want a lot of views and interest!
11/12/2022 4:47:15 PM
  Buyer was from FB. Got 1 text from this ad.
11/2/2022 11:03:17 AM
  Hello The buyer did come from this sight and I got about 5 emails and texts in regards to my horse. Thank you so much for having this sight so that we can all find great quality horses and sell great quality horses. I will definitely continue to use this sight to sell a horse. Have a great day Tammy
10/31/2022 10:20:31 AM
  I had a couple real interest calls. Every email I got was a scam.
10/28/2022 9:17:37 PM
  Yes buyer was from this site. I got a few scams wanting to give a cashiers check and send a hauler. Thank you for this site!
10/21/2022 9:05:02 PM
  I got most of my inquiries about my mare from this site! I’ve now sold two horses on BHW. it’s the only way I sell now!
10/21/2022 2:24:03 PM
  I got most of my inquiries about my mare from this site! I’ve now sold two horses on BHW. it’s the only way I sell now!
10/17/2022 6:08:20 AM
  I did not sell my horse from your site. The only contact I had from anyone on my ads (I have another listing also) were scammers. Very disappointing.
10/16/2022 11:38:36 AM
  Buyer didn’t come from this site. I got a couple emails but not like I used to before when I would list on here.
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