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6/18/2024 7:43:01 PM
  The buyer came from this site. She emailed and texted me. We talked back and forth one night, two days later she tried the horse, not even a week later she bought him.
6/10/2024 1:51:32 PM
  Yes the horse was sold from this site. I received several email inquiries from this site.
6/8/2024 8:27:52 PM
  No. Sold via my Facebook posts
5/23/2024 12:51:18 PM
  The buyer did not come from this site. The only contacts I had from this site were ALL scammers. I was under the impression that BHW still advertised their premier listings through FB or Insta, but now see that you only share horses marked as sold. I may rethink my BHW listings in the future and not pay for the premier listings.
5/13/2024 5:37:22 PM
  No and no but I did get spam emails
5/9/2024 3:10:38 PM
  Buyer came from Facebook. I did get 1 call and text from this site.
5/9/2024 2:10:58 PM
  Buyer came from Facebook. I did get 1 call and text from this site.
4/27/2024 12:01:55 PM
  Yes the buyer came from barrel horse world. Not as much interest as I expected but I got what I asked for her and that’s all that matters. I get more interest with barrel horse world
4/16/2024 6:51:54 PM
  The buyer did not come from this site. I received a note spam emails than actual inquiries about the horse from this.
4/15/2024 2:35:52 PM
  Horse was not sold, decided to breed her due to very little interest. I received many scam contacts.
4/12/2024 11:48:45 AM
  Did not sell owner decided to keep the horse
4/10/2024 7:02:27 AM
  The buyer did not come from this site, though she did mention seeing the mare on BHW. I did get a lot of response from BHW with emails and text messages. I also got 2 scam emails. One wanted me to share personal information. When asked which bank I should be seeing the wire come from, he told me he could not disclose that information.
4/4/2024 6:09:20 AM
  This is the 5th or 6th horse I have sold from this site. I can not thank you enough! I am so thankful to have this resource available to me.
3/28/2024 1:52:44 PM
  yes the buyer came from this site
3/24/2024 7:20:24 AM
  I sold the horse on this site to someone from another state. I needed to have better videos but got him sold anyway. I received many messages as a result of this ad. Thank you.
3/20/2024 12:22:34 PM
  I did not get a lot of emails or calls. I got more scam text messages than actual text or emails with legit interested buyers I will say once I listed her she sold fast. Thank you for your help.
3/17/2024 4:50:53 PM
  Great experience! I’ve bought from this site, and now have sold on this site. This was my first experience, and I received several inquires quickly, and my gelding went to pending with one of those within 2 weeks!
3/8/2024 8:27:19 PM
  Yes, buyer came from site. Emails I received were scammy. The real people texted. 6 texts in 5 days. Thank you.
2/27/2024 6:48:29 AM
  Yes the buyer came from this add. I got a lot of interested people near and far away most of them e mailed me. Which was great. I really like the emails it allowed me to sort everyone out and respond quickly. Thank you
2/27/2024 4:23:06 AM
  I received many texts and emails from your ad from various parts of the country. The lady who did purchase him did come from my same state and it worked out perfectly. It was a great experience
2/13/2024 8:08:20 PM
  I did not sell my horse on barrel horse world. I had 1 call from my listing and 2 scam emails.
2/5/2024 11:09:59 AM
  Yes, my buyer saw the add on BHW and contacted me from there. Thanks!
1/30/2024 9:34:20 PM
  I believe they saw the horse on this site. I had quite a few inquiries.
1/17/2024 12:01:41 PM
  The buyer did not come from this site. I did get a lot of scam emails and even a scam check from someone.
1/9/2024 8:03:16 PM
  Yes they came from this site and I received quite a few inquiries from your site.
1/9/2024 6:37:56 PM
  Yes he was sold from this site and yes there were several contacts by email and phone and lots of tire kickers too
1/7/2024 12:17:06 AM
  Easy to use site provided lots of calls and affordable
1/3/2024 7:55:08 PM
  Yes Several
1/2/2024 7:38:54 PM
  No the buyer came from an acquaintance. Honestly I got several spam/scam emails from my listing.
1/2/2024 2:29:29 PM
  One buyer came from this site. The other two, both yearlings, had a couple of contacts; no sales. Problem is, there is no way to edit ad to reflect that the horse is no longer available. The yearlings didn't sell. We put them in training. But I wanted folks to stop wasting their time and mine calling about them.
1/1/2024 7:29:48 PM
  Yes Several
12/31/2023 10:55:12 PM
  I got a lot of spam
12/13/2023 9:45:44 PM
  Yes the buyer came from this site. I received mostly texts and then emails. Thank very much...I liked the feature display very much.
12/12/2023 8:20:57 AM
  I did not sell on barrel horse world...I was very surprised I did not get but ONE person interested but by that time she was pending locally & sold yesterday. I did have tso scammers the first couple days so I edited my ad right away.
11/19/2023 10:10:58 AM
  My ad had a lot of hits but did not sell from Barrel Horse World. I did have a few people message me but many were scams. I was able to sell the horse on my own via social media. This is the same for the last horse I sold and posted on this website. Lots of hits but no real interest.
11/17/2023 11:12:45 AM
  I didn't get a lot of calls, she was listed about 2 weeks .The first person that came to meet her bought her.
11/13/2023 10:21:46 AM
  Buyer found my horse on this website! Thank you for the help with selling my horse quickly!
11/1/2023 11:44:58 AM
  NONE Sold it on facebook
10/30/2023 8:10:44 PM
  Hi I received several spam emails, which I reported to your specified spam account. Although my ad had many views, I only received two phone calls inquiring on price (horse was listed as private treaty. I only received *one* email inquiry asking for price. For spending over $100 for all the featured upgrades, I was definitely hoping for more interest. In comparison, I received SEVERAL DOZEN Facebook messages from posting on Facebook groups. I sold him via a connection made on Facebook [connection was made prior to the BHW ad]. The new image with all of the information on it is a great tool, and eye-catching image. That would be the best thing I'd recommend for people, is getting that upgraded image with pedigree and contact info right on it.
10/15/2023 8:09:15 AM
  Hi I love bhw I always sell my horses here. I did get over 10 people asking and very interested Colt was sold in 24 hrs Going to Mississippi
9/28/2023 5:13:03 AM
  My horse was sold in less than a week because of this ad and to a very great home!
9/17/2023 1:39:00 PM
  The buyer messaged me from barrel horse world and they drove 10 hours to come try her. I got 2 calls and 2 emails plus a local person and the first one that came and tried her bought her. It was a quick sale thank you!!
9/15/2023 11:45:46 PM
  Horse sold from a Facebook post, received very little interest from here.
9/15/2023 9:14:55 AM
  Horse sold from a Facebook post, received very little interest from here.
9/13/2023 8:44:00 AM
  Buyer came from Facebook. Only 3 emails and no phone calls.
9/11/2023 8:44:23 AM
  Lots of looks. Not many calls or emails but it only took one. Yes person saw his ad
9/10/2023 11:48:38 AM
  Buyer came from this ad and first person that called on my horse brought her
9/10/2023 10:13:16 AM
  Did not sell decided to keep just didn't know how to remove add
9/5/2023 11:52:34 AM
  I actually didn't get a single hit off my premium ad. I sold my horse via word of mouth from gals I race with.
8/23/2023 10:16:02 AM
  Buyer didn't come from the site, had two people of interest and then a very ugly txt message that was sexual so I am hoping it was a scam.
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