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4/7/2020 3:57:53 AM
  This site was fantastic to use for selling my gelding. I got tons of hits and people reaching out to me. The buyer came from this site as well
3/30/2020 8:18:12 PM
  The buyer did not come from BHW & I didn’t receive any calls or emails via the ad. Sadly, i paid to upgrade my ad at the tune of 60 today and my horse sold to a buyer from Facebook. But I had to try all avenues since Facebook is cracking down on horse sales.
3/26/2020 6:00:48 AM
  Not a lot of emails. A few messages and finally someone saw the ad that was seriously looking.
3/23/2020 2:44:32 PM
  I did not get a single call, text, or email from this sight. I sold it on FB.
3/23/2020 8:39:30 AM
  Yes many emails and texts. The buyer did come from this site. Thank y’all!!
3/23/2020 8:39:25 AM
  Yes many emails and texts. The buyer did come from this site. Thank y’all!!
3/21/2020 7:29:24 PM
  I sold my horse through barrel horse world. Someone from Wyoming found her. I found my horse a fantastic new home. I received a lot of calls and emails
3/20/2020 10:31:53 AM
  Horse was sold due to ad. Sellers need to keep a horse until check clears which takes about a week.
3/17/2020 2:24:32 PM
  Very pleased with how quickly I sold my gelding posted his ad the next day I had a buyer come and look and he sold. Thank you BHW!
3/17/2020 11:57:04 AM
  Yes. She bought him from BHW. I got one spam call and hers. It was up for less than a week. I appreciate BHW. Thanks.
11/23/2019 8:01:06 AM
  Very good experience with the sale of our Mare! Lots of emails and calls. She went to a GREAT FAMILY!!! I will definitely use BHW again. Thank you very much! ??
11/23/2019 8:00:50 AM
  Very good experience with the sale of our Mare! Lots of emails and calls. She went to a GREAT FAMILY!!! I will definitely use BHW again. Thank you very much! ??
11/9/2019 3:57:40 AM
  Yes the buyer came from this site. I received many emails also. Fast and easy way to sell a good horse. Reasonable too! THANK YOU BHW!!!
7/7/2019 9:22:46 AM
  No I did not get a call and only 1 email from this site. I sold the horse to a friend that was pleased with a horse she previously bought from me.
7/6/2019 1:14:49 PM
  Hi I sold my horse from this ad.. Yes got lots of calls and text from this ad Thankyou
6/30/2019 11:13:46 PM
  No emails or calls. Came to look at another horse but bought this one instead.
6/27/2019 12:23:14 PM
  I only got one email from your site
6/23/2019 7:04:41 PM
  I did not get any calls or emails from this ad. Our horse sold through facebook.
6/17/2019 7:24:57 AM
  Great. Lots of hits and sold in just a few days to a top quality horse person. Very satisfied.
6/1/2019 6:44:04 PM
  No buyer came from a different site. I didn’t have anyone contact me from here.
5/15/2019 9:26:44 AM
  The buyer did come from this site. I had a response from the new buyer in the first few hours and sent her home with her new owners within 48 hours of listing.
5/12/2019 6:32:39 AM
  I only got a couple of emails, no calls. I did not sell him from this ad. I sold him thru a personal friend.
5/9/2019 8:54:49 PM
  I did not sell this horse off of this site. I got 1000 views though but no offers. I would think with that many views I would have had some contact. I've sold a couple of my others off of this site though..
5/9/2019 6:09:09 PM
  The colt I was trying to sell was a very nice gelding but I had attempted for several months to sell him on Facebook and a couple more sights. Someone suggested Barrel Horse World and he sold in exactly one week. It was by far the simplest and most productive experience. The other plus was that instead of answering many questions to people who were not serious, I only had to deal with serious customers. This is definitely the avenue that I will take from now on. Thank you very much!
5/2/2019 11:13:39 AM
  My mare was sold from this site. I have bought and sold several horses from this site. It's a great place to find or sell a horse.
4/30/2019 10:28:50 PM
  I had roughly thirty emails regarding my colt. All parties inquired about videos. The party who purchased my colt came from a Facebook add. I do believe I could have gotten more for my colt off of this website but time was of the essence and I couldn’t provide videos.
4/28/2019 2:40:42 PM
  I only had about 4 people interested and they were all very serious buyers. A barrel trainer named Kay Fitgerald from "Delta, Utah" bought my "Ima Special Kinda Guy" Yearling colt. Kay was wonderful to talk too and the transaction went very smooth. Kay stated he found my horse on your site. My colt is in a great new home Thank you Pamela
4/27/2019 8:05:02 PM
  I sold him on Facebook and this site I willnt use it again, I did get my asking price
4/22/2019 9:35:45 AM
  No buyer came from Facebook and I got 1 call on her from this site.
4/20/2019 2:55:26 PM
  Buyer came from the site. I did not get a lot of emails on her. Only one other person messaged me from the site. The buyer was from Alabama and I am from Ohio so was surprised that they came that far , but would have never seen her if it was not for this site. Glad I used this site.
4/18/2019 5:56:58 AM
  The buyer came from the site. First person to look bought the horse. Good value for the price of the ad.
4/18/2019 3:01:26 AM
  No I got a few emails but the horse sold to someone I know.
4/10/2019 8:05:58 PM
  The buyer did come from this website. I got several inquiries due to this listing. Thank you for such a great website!!
4/5/2019 9:04:11 AM
  This is such a great site to advertise your horse. I’ve emailed about issues I’ve had, and the problems are fixed immediately.
4/4/2019 4:47:56 PM
  It was a decent experience. I found the page hard to navigate and it wouldn't let me ad my horses name, just a headline so that was frustrating
3/31/2019 11:03:58 AM
  This site gathers all the basic things you need to know about a horse. It also allows you to share this to social media and advertise your ad. I love using barrel horse world to look and sell horses
3/24/2019 8:29:17 PM
  Loved using barrel horse world they are amazing! My buyer did find my horse on here! Yes a lot of calls an emails! Recommend this site for anyone!
3/20/2019 2:19:49 PM
  Buyer came from this website. Several calls and emails. Love Barrel Horse World!!!
3/18/2019 2:19:22 AM
  We sold her to someone local who knew us, not from someone who saw our ad on barrelhorseworld.com. We received about 12 emails or calls on her from people who saw her on your site. She had 692 views. We really do appreciate the service that you offer at a very reasonable price. If we have future horses for sale we will definitely place an ad on barrelhorseworld.com. Thanks, Linda
3/16/2019 9:29:02 AM
  no, the buyer did not come from your site. no, i did not get a lot of e-mails/ calls on her. i got more traffic from equinenow.com for her for a free ad than i did with paid ad from your site. i've gotten a lot of inquiries from your site for another horse i has listed for sale. no serious buyers though.
3/15/2019 11:53:05 AM
  My buyer was a previous customer from California that did not come from your ad but I did have a couple of inquiries from this ad. Thank you Barrel Horse World for all you do for our sport!
3/15/2019 11:53:04 AM
  My buyer was a previous customer from California that did not come from your ad but I did have a couple of inquiries from this ad. Thank you Barrel Horse World for all you do for our sport!
3/12/2019 1:25:39 PM
  The buyer did come from this page. I only got 2 calls from the ad. But both were serious buyers. I also had 1 text from a person who seemed to be serious but sale was already pending.
3/11/2019 10:49:16 AM
  I have been trying to sell this filly for months using other horse listing sites. After listing her on Barrel Horse World, my phone was ringing off the hook and she sold in a matter of days!
3/11/2019 10:14:16 AM
  Great service easy to upload and easy directions to follow
3/4/2019 7:36:22 AM
  I had a lot of calls and emails about my add, and yes the buyer came from this site. This is the second horse I have sold on here, and have found the quality of buyers is better than when listing on Facebook swap shops. In the future, if I have another horse to sell, I will only be listing here.
2/27/2019 12:31:04 PM
  My horse was on here for 18 days and I had several calls from her listing on BHW. I sold her from this listing. Thank you
2/23/2019 4:26:17 PM
  Buyer came from your site and our mare sold quickly considering the weather and time of the year. This is the second horse I sold on your site. Thank You!!
2/20/2019 6:42:19 PM
  No and No
2/20/2019 6:42:08 PM
  No and No
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